How to prepare for launching your Givelify app

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Now that you have your Givelify account set up and customized, you can prepare for launch. 

Promote the Givelify app via email and social media

Let your members know they can now support your place of worship or organization from home, at work, or while on vacation. Announce your Givelify app on your website, Facebook page, Twitter, email newsletter, and other social media accounts. Remind your members during each worship service.

See the following articles for more information:

Add a slide to your presentation

If you use a projector or video screen to show presentation slides during service, you can include a slide to visually remind your members about giving with Givelify. See How to download slides for presentations about Givelify to get slides to customize for your presentation.

While introducing your members to Givelify (pronounced “give-luh-fye”), emphasize these features:

  • Download free from the App Store or Google Play
  • Give anywhere, anytime
  • Easy and convenient
  • Track offerings throughout the year
  • Safe and secure

Share the educational video

People learn in different ways. Some understand information better when they read about it, while others retain more knowledge after hearing a verbal explanation. According to Pearson Prentice Hall, 65 percent of people are visual learners.

While many of your members will understand mobile giving from the second you print it in your bulletin, others will benefit the most from visual aids. To make sure you cover all of your bases, show this brief video demonstrating how the Givelify app works.

Before Launch Day you can introduce Givelify to your members by embedding it on your church’s website, sharing the link via Facebook and Twitter, including it in your email newsletter, and even projecting it on your video screen.

Share the video on your website and social media profiles, or include the direct link:

Print materials for your members

Download and print instructional flyers, donation slips, and posters to help your members learn how to make their first Givelify donation.

See How to download printed materials (flyers) about the Givelify app for more information.

Add online giving to your website

The main way you can use the Internet to connect donors to your donation app profile is to add a button to your website. This enables anyone who visits your site to simply click on a button and launch an online giving portal, bringing the ease and beauty of Givelify to your website.

See How to add the Givelify button to your website for complete instructions.

Add logos to your newsletter and website

You can download high-resolution logos to use in your print and email newsletter, on your website, signage, or anywhere else you see fit. Keeping the Givelify logo prominent will remind your members that they can give anytime, anywhere.

See How to get Givelify logos to use in promotional materials for more information.

Add Online Giving Links To Emails And Social Media

Another fantastic way to connect potential givers with your donation app is to share a direct link on social media. This enables donors who follow you on Facebook or Twitter to simply click a link and be taken directly to your profile, where they can quickly complete their donation.

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